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Alice Loves Alien

Club One Agawam Ma 12/12/19
Bleachers   6/18/21 -  8/7/21 -  8/21/21

   Alice Loves Alien is a hard rock duo comprised of Brendan Clark and Gina Andia. They are the Johnny & June of modern day, channeled through the commanding roar of a Marshall amp and soulful cry of Les Paul. Alice Loves Alien’s sound demands the crowds’ attention with powerful and swift precision guitar attacks and devilishly angelic vocal prowess. Truly, this is music from a dimension unknown. Firm focus on composition, complex melody, haunting harmony, and poetic lyrics, Alice Loves Alien has something for all fans of music.

   Gina Andia is nothing shy of a vocal prodigy. A born vocalist and lifelong performing artist, she effortlessly delivers conviction and control, ranging from soulful, luminous and clear to a dark powerful growl. Combining technique, raw emotion and undeniable stage presence she has honed her craft through live performance and play. It becomes clear she has a wide range of musical tastes, as her extreme vocal range and ability extends from many influences and love for varied musical styles. Gina learned how to play guitar in her early teens as accompaniment to songwriting and proceeded to perform live in contests and shows throughout New England and New York.

   Brendan Clark is an alien not of this world. His approach to guitar playing is without comparison as he boasts both speed and soul, spirituality and grit, with precision and raw untamed energy. A prolific writer, Brendan is also a self-taught producer, bass player, piano and organ player, drummer, percussionist, and vocalist. His lyrics possess power and mysticism, mischief and depth. Brendan started song writing as a young child and continued throughout his teen years, when he added piano, guitar bass and drums to his repertoire. His guitar riffs and solos add flavor, funk and spirituality, cutting like a samurai sword then mending the wound. The Alice Loves Alien album is a testament to his engineering, songwriting and production skills and his music speaks to all who have a dream, all who have needed to leave a situation, the run down and dirty, the prophets and the prostitutes, those awakened and those still sleeping. The message is waiting. Wake up while there’s still time.

    Heralded in their local music scene for many years, Gina Andia and Brendan Clark are ready to branch out and reach a massive audience that will surely not be disappointed with their self-titled debut album, Alice Loves Alien.

-----     If you want to see and hear more Alice Loves Alien check them out here.    -----

It is a music video slideshow that tells a story and takes the viewers on a journey.

It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s beautiful and it ROCKS, just like Gina and Brendan.


Alice Loves Alien concert videos here:

   Alice Loves Alien: Dwell in Shadows

   Alice Loves Alien: Pale Horse

   Alice Loves Alien: We Sleep

   Alice Loves Alien: Dare to Dream

   Alice Loves Alien: Dead Man Walking Alive

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