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About Lea     

Sharing my passion for photography with Lea has been fulfilling and fun. Watching her find her niche in concert photography, refine her skills, and grow from a hobbyist to a full on passionado has been rewarding beyond measure.

     For some time now she has been not only shooting and befriending local superstars, but promoting them and earning their respect with her incredible images. Some of our talented local musicians have been by her side every step of the way. That is why you will see so many photos of our local greats like Ray, Fran, Billy and CJ of King Kuel, Mr. Jimi Bell and Beyond Purple and LA's Backstage Pass. I can't thank you all enough for your support!

     Her photos have generated a happiness ripple that has engulfed musicians, fans, friends, and to a very high degree, her and I. Music fans near and far are becoming Morningstar Reflection fans for Lea's ability to capture aggressive performances and display them in dynamic, gritty, impassioned images! 
    I had a feeling she could really blow up but I wasn’t sure how it would happen. Then, her signature style gets noticed by Kreig Marks from Tru Rock Revival Magazine. He felt the power in her images. Kreig has been an invaluable guide and helped open doors, leading Lea through the minefield of big league concert photography. Thank you Kreig.
    Lea is now a credentialed Photojournalist shooting big name acts at MGM Springfield and Mohegan Sun. (so far) The sky is the limit for her. Stay tuned to see where this goes next. I could not be more proud of her and happy for her...
and in awe of her.


About Morningstar Reflection

Our images take a little longer to edit and post because they are not mass produced, they are handcrafted. After the composition, exposure and focus have precisely captured a moment at the venue, each image is studied then crafted during the editing process to have maximum impact on our viewers. Different shows, different styles of music and different venues will all be edited in different ways. Some shows warrant an edgy, progressive style. Some will call for a more ethereal approach. Many will fall in between or be a combination of styles. Either way, each image will be approached with passion and a genuine respect for this art form. This editing process is time consuming but the final result is worth it. Not only are we capturing a moment, we strive to present each shot in an artistic way.

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